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The Rice Purity Test is like a captivating journey, guiding you to a new world of self-discovery. When you finish the test, rice purity score reveal your true essence. It’s like seeing yourself in a mirror, showing where you truly stand regarding innocence, behavior, and relationships. It’s a chance to understand yourself better and appreciate how you navigate the realms of purity and connections.

The test consists of 100 questions covering a range of life experiences, including social interactions, potential addictions, and sexual encounters. The answering process is straightforward, requiring only a simple “yes” or “no” response in the form of a tick for “yes” and a blank box for “no.”

Your scores are determined by the number of “yes” answers you provide. More ticks indicate a higher experience level, leading to a lower score due to the inverse relationship. In other words, the more “yes” answers you have, the lower your purity test score will be.

Let’s explore this further in this regard:

The Rice Purity Score: 100%

A 100% score is an awesome score range. This depicts that you are pure as gold. What does it mean?

This test serves solely as a tool for personal assessment and holds no other implications. It poses a series of questions, and your affirmative responses (yes) indicate your involvement in those experiences, implying some level of engagement in potentially questionable activities.

Consequently, having more “yes” answers results in a lower score and, subsequently, a lower percentage. This outcome reflects the extent to which you’ve engaged in such experiences.

Achieving a 100% score indicates that you have not yet been involved in many different experiences. This suggests you’ve maintained high innocence and haven’t engaged in objectionable activities. In this context, a 100% score portrays you as a person with a pure and untainted character.

The Rice Purity Score: 60-90

If your result falls between 60- 90 percent, it indicates that you’ve had a moderate level of experience in your life. You aren’t at the highest point of purity, but not in a negative space. You’re somewhere in the middle – not exceptionally pure, but certainly not far from being considered good-hearted.

We’re all aware that perfection isn’t attainable on this planet. As humans, everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives – and you’re no exception. However, the positive aspect is that you can recognize now that these missteps can impact your innocence and purity.

What’s important is that you can learn from these experiences and make conscious choices moving forward. By avoiding similar activities, you can maintain purity and loyalty to yourself and others.

The Rice Purity Score: 30-59

Scoring between 30 to 59 points indicates a lower range in terms of purity. Individuals falling within this category have accumulated significant experience in objectionable activities. Their involvement might extend to addictions, rule violations, and engaging in sexual activities. Achieving this percentage suggests a strong interest in forbidden activities, raising concerns about their choices and behaviors.

What about their purity? Interestingly, amidst their involvement in such activities, there is a glimmer of purity in them as well. They aren’t entirely consumed by negativity. Beneath the surface, they possess some commendable traits.

They may undertake these actions discreetly, indicating loyalty to their relationships. Their decision to shield their actions from peers and protect their partners’ emotions showcases a degree of consideration. Essentially, they find themselves in a somewhat average category, showcasing a blend of choices and behaviors.

The Rice Purity Score Below 29

The purity scale of 1-29 paints a picture of someone on a negative path. This person lacks many positive qualities. They’re neither loyal nor pure. They don’t uphold good citizenship; instead, they break rules. Truthfulness isn’t their strong suit, either. They engage in actions that go against moral and ethical standards.

These individuals find themselves in a rather unfortunate state. They seem to be unaware of the profound beauty of purity. Their distance from spirituality likely leads to inner turmoil and weakness.

While they might not warrant hatred, they certainly deserve compassion. They could benefit from someone who can offer guidance, helping them understand that embracing purity brings happiness and contentment to life.


Summing up the explanations, the Rice Purity Test acts as a gateway to a new realm of self-awareness. Within this realm, you’ll encounter your inner self, your reflection staring back at you. It’s a journey that reveals who you truly are.

These scores aren’t just numbers; they encapsulate aspects of your identity. While the assessment from this test may not be entirely accurate or absolute, it still manages to depict a part of you. It might not capture everything perfectly, but it offers a glimpse, albeit to a certain degree.

Reflect upon your position within purity and loyalty, and consider where you currently stand. Use this insight as a stepping stone to making positive changes in your life. Leave behind those negative experiences and focus on becoming a better person. Strive to contribute actively to society and be a valuable citizen. Moreover, aim to be a supportive and reliable partner in your relationships. Your journey toward personal growth begins with these decisions.


A typical score on the Rice Purity Test falls between 30 and 59, indicating a moderate purity level. Individuals in this range might participate in a few morally questionable activities but also possess admirable qualities.

Scoring 100% on the Rice Purity Test reflects the highest purity level. However, achieving a score between 70 and 98 is also commendable. This range suggests a slight involvement in activities considered off-limits, yet the person maintains their purity and loyalty.

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