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The Rice Purity Test is like a mirror for your inner self. It’s a special place to discover yourself and reflect on your experiences. This unique platform helps you learn more about yourself and your journey.

Innocence is a precious quality in humans. Someone who possesses innocence is genuinely appealing to others. In contrast, our facial features shape our outward appearance, and our innocence and purity nurture our inner beauty. This test enables you to reveal your purity and understand the timeless inner beauty that defines you.

The test consists of 100 straightforward questions, each touching on various life aspects. These questions are answered with a simple “yes” or by ticking a checkbox for “yes” and leaving it blank for “no.” This simplicity makes the test easy to complete and doesn’t require lengthy responses.

The rice purity test covers a broad spectrum of life experiences to gauge innocence and purity. What kind of experiences? 

Here are some common aspects of life that the test typically explores:

Romantic Questions Category

This question series revolves around romance, encompassing various inquiries that delve into various facets of one’s experiences in romantic relationships.

As we all understand, romance is fundamental to a loving relationship. Intimacy is only complete with the presence of romance. Like water is essential for a plant’s growth, romance is integral to flourishing love and intimacy.

The Rice Purity Test acknowledges this sentiment by including questions about romance. These questions are designed to gauge an individual’s experiences and inclinations. The inquiries related to romance provide insights into the romantic dimension of a person’s life, which in turn contributes to a broader understanding as the assessment progresses.

One could characterize the test as commencing with lighthearted questions that clear the mind and encourage progression. These questions hold significance as a delightful and charming segment, akin to a gentle breeze that precedes rainfall.

Social Activities

An individual’s social activities offer insights into their stance towards society. Someone exhibiting negative behavior might not contribute positively to the community. Specific questions inquire about the respondent’s conduct in various scenarios, shedding light on their societal interactions and attitudes.

Questions such as “Have you ever urinated in public?” gauge an individual’s social behavior and assess their understanding of basic social etiquette. These questions reveal a person’s character, shedding light on their values and the extent to which they prioritize moral principles.

Law Violation 

Engaging in criminal activities is an act that goes against the nature of an innocent person. In innocence assessment tests, queries regarding law violations hold a crucial role. These questions unveil an individual’s history and help evaluate their adherence to the legal regulations of their nation.

Numerous questions within this topic provide distinct perspectives on an individual’s character. Initially crafted for students, the Rice Purity Test reflects their nature and outlook. A cheerful disposition towards adhering to laws suggests a student’s potential for excelling in academics and respecting the rules and regulations of their educational institution.

Drug Addiction

Drugs pose a significant threat to any society, impeding its progress and development. A society burdened with many individuals struggling with addiction cannot achieve true advancement. Particularly concerning students, the impact of drugs is akin to poison, causing turmoil in numerous countries and bringing immense distress to parents’ lives.

The Rice Purity Test also takes this aspect into account. The test includes various questions that aid in determining whether an individual is involved in any form of addiction. It’s evident that a person grappling with addiction cannot excel in any aspect of their life, whether as a student or a responsible member of society.

Indeed, understanding an individual’s purity involves delving into their hobbies and inclinations, which includes examining the presence of addictions. Addiction can severely impair mental faculties and hinder personal growth. Consequently, these questions are pivotal in constructing a foundation for the comprehensive assessment of innocence.

Intimate Question

Indeed, intimacy is a fundamental human requirement for emotional well-being and survival. Within the Rice Purity Test context, specific questions pertain to sexual needs and experiences. These questions are designed to gauge an individual’s loyalty and purity in their interactions with their partner.

Questions related to sexuality form a fundamental part of the Rice Purity Test. This is because our purity and relationship loyalty play a significant role in defining our character. Engaging in activities that may be considered unfaithful to our partners can impact our sense of purity. Hence, these questions are a core component of the Rice Purity Test and are essential in assessing one’s overall purity.

If you’re taking the test and feel uncomfortable or uneasy because you’re worried about your privacy, please be assured that all the information provided during the test will not be kept. You don’t need to worry about your privacy being exposed.

This test is solely for self-assessment purposes, so there’s no need to be concerned about your privacy. The test is conducted directly within the your web browser, and no information or data from the test is transmitted to our server. In other words, all the processes and computations happen right on your device, ensuring complete privacy and security as none of your data leaves your browser.


In summary, the Rice Purity Test is a distinctive and valuable tool for evaluating a person’s innocence. It comprehensively addresses various aspects of life through a wide range of questions that pertain to the diverse life experiences one may encounter.

These questions serve as a gateway to understanding one’s level of innocence. Some questions are designed to be lighthearted and bring a smile to your face, intended to refresh your mood. Conversely, there are also bold questions that may make you uncomfortable. It’s a diverse mix of questions that covers a wide range of topics, making this test multifaceted rather than focused on a single subject.

Upon completing the test, you will confidently see your reflection in front of you and journey through your past as a whole. Many memories will resurface as you answer various questions. You’ll feel a sense of lightness, happiness, and inner calm. It’s like a cinematic flashback of your life, with many faces and moments appearing before your eyes. This experience has the power to bring a positive vibe into your life.

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