Discover Your Moral Compass: Take the Rice Purity Test Today and Unveil Your True Self!

The Rice Purity Test is an anonymous online questionnaire that millions worldwide have taken. Created by Rice University in 1924, it assesses moral character in incoming freshmen, featuring 100 questions on topics like sex, drugs, and social behavior. It is also called the innocence test.

Its core purpose is self-evaluation of moral values and comparison with others. Popular among college students, results are often shared on social media. A higher score reflects greater moral purity, with 100 indicating high purity and 0 suggesting the opposite.

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Rice Purity Test

What Is The official Rice Purity Test?

The rice purity test is a self-assessment questionnaire used to assess a person’s level of innocence or purity based on his behavior and experiences. This test comprises questions about sexual experiences, habits, and social issues. 

This test covers a 100 questions about many concerns; the answer should be yes or no. So no detailed explanation is required. It is asked whether you wallow in these activities or not. This is a personal assessment; the result is shown only to the respondent, so there is no need to worry about privacy. 

The result of the test is expressed in percentage. It goes from 0 to 100 percent, and a higher percentage means you are pure at an extreme level. There could be a question that you might find agonizing, so you can skip the test as it is optional, and if you are feeling nervy, then you are not bound to complete it. 

Why Is It Called The Rice Purity Test? 

The origin of the rice purity test is in the USA, Texas. It was designed by the Rice University of Houston, so due to this association, it’s called the rice purity test. This is a private research university, and this test is not officially linked with the university.

Like other internet trends and quizzes, it gained adoration and broadened through word of mouth, social media, and online forums. This test was started for students to differentiate and discuss their experiences and behaviors. Later it became popular, and many other people started to solve this for their evaluation. 

What Is The Speciality Of The Rice Purity Test?

The rice purity test is the leading and engaging experience in self-assessment tools and quizzes. The rice purity test is exclusive due to its questions that are designed to check one’s innocence and have the ability to capture the essence of youthful exploration and camaraderie. A couple of benefits of this test are mentioned below. 

To check your innocence

This test will help you to check your purity level. Sometimes we don’t know about ourselves and do not have enough time to think about ourselves. This test lets you think about yourself and direct you through various experiences. It prompts individuals to think about their experiences, choices, and behaviors.

Sparking reminiscence

This test will recollect your past events that are gone by. In our life, we keep ourselves so busy that we don’t recall our past. We delve into the ocean of memories due to some occurrence. The rice purity test triggers you to ponder about your old relationships and some precious moments of your life.

It’s a chance to relive those moments of wonder and curiosity and will help you better acknowledge yourself and your standards.

A way of refreshing your mind 

The rice purity test takes an energized, light-hearted stance in this chaotic world. It’s a gust of fresh air for a heavy mind. It can be a way to lighten the mood and share a laugh with friends.  This test is not for any judgment or falls into some category rather, it recalls the past experiences woven into the fabric of who we are. 

Discussion starter

After completing this test, your level of purity will be concluded. This interpretation leads you into a new world of discussion. You will come to know many new things about a relationship and sentiments. Some questions on the test touch on deeper topics, such as relationships and personal choices. These questions can spark philosophical discussions about innocence, experience, and personal growth. 

Moreover, the test result can lead to interesting discussions about social norms, peer pressure, personal boundaries, and individual values. 


This test will reveal your recalling trait. While attempting the question, you must memorize the past event. Then you will come to know how quickly you can recall your memories. As you will reflect on your past experiences and consider your thoughts and events about each situation, this needs a degree of mindfulness. 

Mistry Behind Question 69?

In the rice purity test, question 69 is just a question mark. Every respondent once thinks about why there is only a question mark and no question is available here. Don’t worry; we are here to fix this puzzle.

 In fact, they want to create curiosity in their participants. This question is internationally left blank or represented by a question mark to create a humorous or suggestive implication without directly stating the content. It’s meant to provoke curiosity from those who are taking the test. The intention is to keep participants engaged and amused by the unexpected nature of the question.

No doubt this trick is working, and almost all the respondents pay attention to this unique question and think about it. In this way, they become active and feel energy.

Types Of Questions on Rice Purity Test

In this test, there are multiple types of questions asked. The questions cover various topics and scenarios and are designed to gauge a person’s level of innocence and purity. Here are some common categories of questions in the rice purity test.

Romantic question

As we know, love without romance is like a body without a soul.
So There are some romantic questions are asked like;

Have you held hands romantically?
Have you kissed someone?

Sexual experiences

Sex is a human instinct, and survival is inconceivable without this phenomenon. So keeping in view this need, a few questions are based on this context;

Had sexual intercourse in public?
Send a sexually explicit text or instant message?

Drug addiction

Drugs are a bitter reality nowadays. As we know, Most students indulge in this habit. This test was primarily designed for the student, so to assess them, these are important questions.

For example:
Used tobacco?
Used a drug stronger than marijuana?

Rules and regulations

Discipline is the key to success. If one has no discipline, he will probably not succeed. So some discipline-related questions are asked about the individual’s behaviour. 

Been put on disciplinary probation or suspended?
Urinated in public?

Crime-based questions

There are some crime-based questions in which it is being tested whether the participant has a criminal record or not, like;

Had the police handcuffed you?
Been arrested?


Without loyalty, no relationship can exist. Loyalty is the secret of any relationship. So to check loyalty, there are some questions in the test which are like;

Cheating on a significant other during a relationship?

The rice purity test covers many experiences, some of which might be sensitive and personal. People attempt the test for various reasons and can assess themselves through this test. 

 What Does The Rice Purity Test Score Mean?

Test scoremeanings
91-100Scores between this percentage show that you are pure as gold. A few people fall into this category. You are rare on this planet.
81-90If you fall into this category, it means you have high purity and innocence. You have limited experience with relationships, drugs, and other potentially risky activities. 
71-80You are in the general score category. Most people have this average score. You have moderate experience.  This is the average rice purity test score.
61-55You are an average person among those who are neither good nor bad.
54-44Now you are moving down in your purity level and below the average community. 
43-30You are experienced and indulge in bad stuff. You are not a pure person and might commit crimes.
29-21This shows that you explore many adult stuff and venture into new territories. Your purity is overestimated. 
20-11You have done a wide range of activities and experiences objectable. You have no purity at all. 
10-01You are a corrupted person, and you don’t have purity at all. You are evil-minded and have all the traits that can be in an uncivilized person.
0You have zero purity level. Nobody on this planet is more corrupted than you. You have a sick mentality. 
Purity Levels and Meanings: Understanding the Scores on the Test

Features Of Rice Purity Test

The rice purity test quiz is a humorous and lighthearted questionnaire. It is used to assess a person’s level of innocence and purity. All age groups can attempt this test to look into their reflection. The following are some prominent features of this test. 

  • The test is effortless to attempt because it is in the format of straightforward questionnaires to handle and answer.
  • The test surrounds many aspects of life, experiences, and behaviour that are crucial to a person’s life. 
  • There is no mandatory long answer. It’s simple to answer yes or no or to tick a box if your answer is yes. So anybody can hastily solve the test, and in a short time, they can attain the result about their purity.
  • Some questions are asked humorously, which compels a participant to smile. It refreshes their minds, and they become happy and feel relaxed.
  • One thing that makes this test extraordinary is its privacy. Before seeking this test, you don’t need to show your identity. You can solve the test anonymously. So your privacy remains confidential, and without fear of judgment, you can assess yourself. 
  • This test is readily available on various sites, so it’s reachable by anyone.
  • This test can be a way of behavior change. You can check at what purity level you stand; according to that, you can make essential decisions to make yourself more pure and exclusive. 
  • The result of the test can lead you towards the discussion. You can discuss it with your friends and conversate on different questions that you find supportive to make a relationship pure and robust.


In conclusion, the rice purity test is a unique and intriguing phenomenon in self-assessment. It starts with a lighthearted questionnaire and evolves into an in-depth discussion about a person’s behaviour and experiences. Engaging with friends and peers is a way of fun and amusement. At the same time, it offers a window into societal norms, personal growth, and the complexities of navigating the transition into adulthood.

As we consider the significance of the rice purity test, it’s more than a multitude of questions; it is a diverse path that people take in their lives. Everybody on this planet has a distinctive story and destiny. This test stimulates us to look into our past and recall some precious moments of our lives that are gone, recollect them, and try to do better in further life’s journey.